Friday, November 18, 2005

Banjo on the CNN show

The nice CNN Radio Magazine producer, Sherri Maksin, directed me to the podcast of the show I appeared on yesterday. See link below. I'm on the the last quarter of the Quicktime dealie that plays the show.

[cnn podcast for 11-17-05]


Anonymous said...

"Hayseeds!", I love it, and certain papers in Texas are exactly that, more concerned with not ruffling any feathers, more concerned if the story targets the money paying masses. Corporate America hides behind "at-will employee" status. If they don't like a blog and it smacks of truth, they'll fire you on pretense, knowing they can get away with it. They care only that they can put forward a speckless public image, one that will attrack new hires, one that makes them seem as if they have integrity when they don't. If you strike too close to home, you'll be fired. Keep up the blogging and let them struggle. People read these things and remember. Didn't many newspapers get their start because they offered the truth and challenging opinions? Banjo, is it time to expand your coverage, maybe add staff, and offer them the real essence of news? Newspapers are dying because they are Hayseeds and lack content. said...

"Hayseeds" is right!

" ...didn't know what a blog was and now they've got about 20 ..." :^D :^D :^D :^D :^D

OK banjo, it went great!

And this note for other Brazosport News readers, the part of the podcast with Banjo's interview is fully 4/5ths of the way down the slide bar, just click and hold the slider and move it down til you've got about 20% of the clip left to play. You'll see what I mean ...