Thursday, August 04, 2005


Alvin novelist/blogger Bill Crider wrote about our Nolan Ryan post yesterday:

Those pictures of the Nolan statue are a sorry sight indeed. I guess I'll drop by the City Hall and see if anybody knows what's up.

Thanks, Bill.

Meanwhile, Tom Tyler, a regular commenter on this site before I pulled the plug on the comments section, had this to say about the TV report on the crime suspect:
"The suspect in the robbery of a Houston McDonald's and a subsequent abduction and rape "walks with a waddle," a local TV report says..."

Yeah, and so do half the fat people in Houston! :^D :^D :^D

I'm amazed at just how helpful most of those TV news descriptions are!

But my favorite has always been:

" The suspects were black males wearing t-shirts, blue jeans and sneakers ..."

Add "white" and "hispanic" males and you've covered %95 of the men in Harris and 18 surrounding counties!

Tom, I've read a lot of crime stories in my day, and written quite a few myself during my newspapering days, and I've never run across a suspect description that entailed a waddle.
Finally, Miriam, a reader in Houston, wrote about our mention of the band Son Volt, who've been rescheduled to appear on Letterman Friday:
i would meet you anywhere
the western sun meets the air
we'll hit the road, never looking behind
- Son Volt, Trace, Tear Stained Eye
(they're my people, I saw them up in Austin once in '91, introduced myself to Jay and Jeff right. then Uncle Tupelo imploded)
-- little weasel

P.S. why did you halt the comments? barbarians invade?

Miriam, Yes, barbarians wrote some things in the comment section that were way out of line, so I issued a cease and desist directive to my Webmaster (me). It is indeed unfortunate. I'll try posting reader correspondence like this for the time being and may reconsider my decision at some point in the future.

Thanks for writing, ya'll. (Email:

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