Sunday, July 24, 2005

Robert Earl, Robert Earl

If you've never been to Clute, Texas, Friday would be a good time to go because Robert Earl Keen is headlining that night's big show at The Great Texas Mosquito Festival.

Clute is one of the nine municipalities that make up the mighty Brazosport Metroplex. It's a blue-collar kinda town that decided 25 years to start a festival and give it an ironic sorta name, since there's not a whole hell of a lot of celebrate in Clute except, maybe, the fact that it's conveniently located near a huge petrochemical complex that provides a lot of jobs and semi-regular emissions events.

This will be Robert Earl Keen's second appearance at the Mosquito Festival. He was here last year, too. His part of the show starts at 10 p.m., allegedly. Ten bucks at the gate. Kids under 5 free. Three bucks for senior citizens. On Saturday night, the Marshal Tucker Band performs.

For a "small town" festival, Clute's brought some pretty big names to town over the years. In 1981, when the festival started, there was Johnny Rodriguez. In '82, Asleep at the Wheel.

Remember Roy Head? He played the Mosquito Festival in '84.

Billy Joe Royal was here in '90 and Mark Chestnut in '91.

Selena, who spent her early years in Lake Jackson, performed in '94, a year before her horrible demise.

In '99, Delbert McClinton sang and in 2000 Ronnie Millsap.

Not bad for a small town in the petrochemical underarm of Texas. Not bad at all.



Anonymous said...

Robert Earl Keen (Fri.) and Roger Creager (Sat.) both put on damn good shows. Worth the price of admission.

Banjo Jones said...

I forgot to mention Creager. Thanks. Also, kids age 6-12 get in for 3 bucks, same price as the seniors.