Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lennon art

I would have taken photos of the John Lennon artwork that is being shown in the Galleria in Houston, but I made the mistake of asking if it was OK and was told no, it's not OK, but thank-you for asking. So if I hadn't asked and just started taking a few pics, then had been told not to do so, I would at least have had a couple inside shots to show you. But since I asked and got an answer, I didn't feel it was "ethical" to start taking pictures anyway, even though there was a girl standing a few feet away from me taking pictures with her cellphone when I asked if pics were OK and was told no, it's not OK but thank-you for asking. At any rate, this is what the outside of the exhibition/sale looked like. It'll be going on through Sunday evening til 6 p.m. if you're interested. (It's on the ground floor of the Nordstrom's/Foley's wing.) There's no charge but they "suggest" a $2 donation for the Houston Food Bank.

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