Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, "Slampo"

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce a bright new voice to Bloggerville, that being, Slampo.

Slampo posted a comment on The Brazosport News asking me for a 'lil hep. I received a similar promotional request a couple weeks ago from some chick in New Zealand via email. I checked her site out and it turned about to be about the Anti-Christ. I didn't write back and haven't heard from her since. I realize that's a little risky, me ignoring her, but so far I haven't been stricken with palsy or any other sudden infirmity, so she's probably long forgotten about me.

Regarding Slampo, I was gonna hold off and see what kinda chops he has, but after reading his first two posts (two times each, I might add), I said, Hell, this guy gets it.

So check out Slampo's Place.

Here's a taste.

On Calvin Murphy:

Oh, Herskowitz did vaguely allude to a "lifestyle" for which, he claimed, Murphy is now being punished by the Rockets (or by "we," the community at-large) after being found innocent of criminal accusations. A lifestyle? Shit, hoss, that's no lifestyle. Those are prodigious, Wilt-like stats, ones that have sealed the local Legend of Calvin for all time. It was Murphy's indiscriminate sowing of seed, and his inability or unwillingness to support some of the resulting spawn, that directly led to his day in court, innocent or not. It's not hard to understand why the Rockets might want to put a some distance between the organization and a guy whose knack for knocking up women was almost equal to his talent for knocking down free throws. (And isn't fathering 14 children by 9 women prima facie evidence of some insane compulsion? Think of the grief that can befall a man who fathers a mere 3 or 4 by, say, 2 women.)

Then Slampo pondered the Houston angle on the London bombings:
One local TV station even trotted out a gentleman who was in charge of security on the ferry between Galveston and Port Bolivar (or maybe it was the Lynchburg ferry; we weren't paying close attention). He allowed that, yes, ferry security had been tightened after London, but, no, he wasn't at liberty to divulge exactly how. He cautioned us to remain vigilant.

We sense that this almost palpable yearning to be targeted by al-Qaida somehow stems from Houston's nagging civic inferiority complex. Y'know, we've got a zillion new stadiums, wonderful art museums, a world-renowned opera, a first-rate ethnic restaurant on every corner, some of those most fragrant air in the country, etc. and so forth. But to be hit by Islamofascists --- that would really seal the deal in our pursuit of that coveted "world-class" designation, wouldn't it? (In lieu of landing the Olympics, that is.)

I'm adding Slampo to my blogroll and urge you to do likewise.

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