Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Freeport's eminence front

Western Seafood Co. took its fight against Freeport's plan to take away the company's land for a fancy pants yacht marina to Austin, where the Legislature is allegedly meeting. No mention of whether Our Man in Austin, State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, is trying to help Western, which would irritate the powers-that-be down at Freeport City Hall. My guess is Bonnen will side with the boys at City Hall, but that's just a guess.

Wright Gore III had this and more to say about the eminent domain fight:

"My grandfather sits at home now wondering whether the family business will be able to continue," said Gore, 32, whose father, Wright Gore Jr., is president of the seafood concern. "The city is taking property that is critical to our business and giving it to our next-door neighbor. . . . This is a land grab of more than Texas-sized proportions."


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