Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's a hat trick for Chevron Phillips Chemical

Third time's the charm, hoss.
Three emissions events in less than a week. Not a record, one supposes, and nobody's dead, but still it makes you wonder, what in the Sam Hill? (There was a Chevron Phillips Chemical event earlier in the week I ignored. And then the one yesterday that was posted. Yes, I pick and choose, depending on the advice of my astrologer and what's on TV.)

Herewith the "cause" for the latest unfortunate Chevron Phillips Chemical event:

In the process of lining out Ethylene Unit 22, after recently completing startup activities from being shutdown for several years, elevated pressure in the deethanizer tower caused flaring to occur. The elevated pressure was caused by contaminates in the process stream from the unit's dryer system. High pressure in the deethanizer carried over to the fourth stage cracked gas suction drum (D-11) which resulted in flaring of material from the suction drum in order to prevent a trip of the cracked gas compressor.

One hundred twenty pounds of 1,3-butadiene, among other muggly-wugglies reported to be emitted over the coastal prairie of scenic Sweeny.

[chevron phillips report 59516]
[chevron phillips report 59517]

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