Thursday, June 09, 2005

The gatekeeper

Fort Worth Weekly published a story about Cowtown's poor air quality, explaining how coal-fired power plants pump a lot of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Singled out as one of the culprits for the asthma-inducing, early death-inducing pollution is Angleton Republican state Rep. Dennis Bonnen.

“Bonnen’s committee is better named the Environmental Deregulation Committee,” (Democratic state Rep. Lon) Burnam told the FW alt weekly. “Nothing gets out if it’s going to hurt industry.”

That's right, Burnam. None of this pussyfootin' anti-industry foolishness gets by Our Man in Austin. Sho' nuff no way, boy.

Rep. Bonnen chairs the House Environmental Regulation Committee. He's gotten to that important position after a relatively short time in the Legislature, having been first elected in 1996. And he's still in his early 30s, so he still has that lean, hungry look about him. No doubt about it, dude's a playa.

Just check out his own bio if you think I'm pulling your leg.

Rep. Bonnen is not only a friend to the petrochemical industry, he's a friend to the American trucker.

One of the little-noticed accomplishments Bonnen managed in the waning days of the last legislative session was a move to allow truckers to keep running their diesel engines while they're snoozing at truck stops. You ever been at a big truck stop at night? It's a hell of sight, watching diesel fumes from 50 or 60 big rigs rising into the night air, one of the great wonders of our industrial age, and, thanks to the vigilance of Rep. Bonnen, you'll be able to continue seeing this modern marvel up to at least 2007.

[fw weekly]


cacafuego said...

No wonder he's got that lean and hungry look. "The Bonnens make their home in Angleton with the other two members of their family, Forrest, a Golden Retriever, and Clover, an Irish Setter." No kids!! It's easy not to care about the world we will leave to our children when you have none yourself. C'mon Mr. Family Values, crank out a few.

Kevin said...

At least that anti-Open Beaches Act legislation he filed died, although it was a close call. said...

Hey, did not know all this stuff about Bonnen!

I am sending him a big fat contribution, sounds to me like he is doing a good job of keeping the "environmentalist" moonbats in their caves.

Pardon the rest of us if we don't care to join you in dining on nuts and berries and burning salt grass plugs for fuel. :^D :^D :^D