Thursday, May 12, 2005

San Antonio Saints?

The attorney for New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson said the Crescent City's NFL team could move to San Antonio ... or Albuquerque ... or Los Angeles.

Putting an NFL team in Albuquerque is laughable. Way too small, not enough corporate money, too small a media market.

San Antonio? Also a small media market and a relatively poor city, as cities go. And Jerry Jones and Bob McNair would not be pleased, as they would like to have Texas to themselves. But Benson's lawyer says he LOVES S.A., has a home and a ranch and business interests there.

LA? Much more likely, though moving an existing team to LA would cut out the payment of a hefty franchise fee for the existing owners to divvy up. McNair paid a $700 million new franchise fee to birth the Texans.

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