Sunday, May 01, 2005

Nice weather we're having; nice enough to make emissions events unthinkable ... NOT!

Trust me, you get used to these masks after a while.
In Houston, Minute Maid Park's roof hasn't been closed yet this baseball season. The weather's been that nice here on the Petrochemical Coast.

Still, all must remain vigilant. Emissions events rear their heads no matter how gorgeous the weather.

At BP Chemical on Chocolate Bayou, these emissions were reported on 4-28: 17,528.0 lbs of carbon monoxide, 2,087 lbs of nitrogen monoxide, 1,520 lbs 1,3-BUTADIENE, 554 lbs Butene, 13,346 lbs Ethylene (gaseous), 886 lbs Propane and 2,313 lbs Propylene (propene).

Our friends at Dow Chemical in Freeport, meanwhile, report on 4-30: 1347.9 lbs of ethene, 1466.9 lbs carbon monoxide and assorted lesser amounts of all sorts of other stuff that I don't want to type right now. Check the report below if you wanna know.
[bp emissions report 57600]
[bp emissions report 57599]
[dow emissions report 57548]
[dow emissions report 57549]

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