Monday, May 02, 2005

Imus says "fat ass" again

After a weekend to regain his composure, MSNBC/WFAN talk radio host Don Imus this morning again alluded to the "fat ass" of former newsreader Contessa Brewer. Other than that, he said he was reprimanded by MSNBC head Rick Kaplan last Friday following his tirade against Brewer, whose opinion of Imus was overheard in a Manhattan gathering place and reported in the NY Post. Oh yeah, Imus said he laughed during his supposed ass-chewing session with Kaplan, whom he said he loved. The "fat ass" slur on Brewer was invoked (again) when Imus said the flap re-enforces the lesson to keep quiet when he takes the "high road" -- or else you'll have to pick up the newspaper and read about your "fat ass." Whatever you say, I-Dude. Jesus! We hope this puts the issue to rest because I'd rather sleep in than follow this soap opera, though I will continue to monitor whenever possible because, frankly, it's caused my site meter to go vroom-vroooom.

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