Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Local 2 Exclusive: WHORES IN HOUSTON!

Hey, sailor!
Prostitutes are working the streets in the Gulfton area, and for $10 to $30 they'll do God knows what, reports Local 2 News On Your Side, but, get this, many of them are cross-dressing men! and not only that, but Sylvan Rodriguez Elementary is nearby and families with children live in the area, and that's not all: some of the hookers buy cigarettes at the same convenience store where parents take their kids to get Slurpees; Hey, and there's more: "They work in huge numbers and they even help each other drum up business." Tomorrow on Local 2 News: Traffic! There's too much of it!!! What's up with that?????

Frank Billingsley: dined at Cafe Express but NOT with Radar.
THIS JUST IN/BREAKING NEWS: Ch. 2 weatherguy Frank Billingsley ate dinner last night at the Cafe Express on Kirby at 7:30ish but Radar, his dieting dog, was not with him, but another guy clad in a t-shirt, running shorts and fancy red & white athletic shoes was!


Bill said...

I am shocked -- shocked! -- to hear about the whores in Houston. Whatever shall we do?

Not so shocked to hear about Frank Billingsly, though.

Kimberly said...

Okay. Doesn't it seem Freudian you mention both of these in the same entry? I guess they're both KPRC... hmmm

Banjo Jones said...

not freudian; i just thought since frank took radar to work he'd take him out on his dinner break. there are lots of healthy choices on the menu at cafe express, not that i ever choose them.

Anonymous said...

and how do you know that France is as far away from here????