Thursday, May 19, 2005

Doggett bites Bonnen

Doggett: Wants Bonnen's bill killed & stuffed on his mantle
State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton, stepped on a jellyfish on his way to give a subdivision on Follett's Island permission to violate the Texas Open Beaches Act. Bonnen may be able to put some Adolph's meat tenderizer on the wound and still walk his bill through the House, but he'll have to step over the weather-beaten body of Chronicle outdoor writer Joe Doggett, who wrote today the bill isn't worth a bucket of 10-day-old night crawlers, figuratively speaking.

Writes Joe:

Protecting property sounds reasonable enough, but beachfront homes are built at risk, and the bill would establish a legal precedent exempting them from the provisions of the Texas Open Beaches Act.


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cacafuego said...

This is a fight wel worth fighting. There are many, many things that get sanctified under the rubric of "protecting private property" as if tis was the most important value involved.
Some people won't be happy untli the coast looks like this