Monday, March 21, 2005

Shaune Bagwell may appear at Testicle Festival

The career of swimsuit model Shaune Bagwell just keeps getting better and better.

After auctioning off advertising space on her chest to, she's now the subject of hot rumors in Washington State, where she may make an appearance at the Coconully Testicle Festival.[prnewswire via yahoo!]
A "King and Queen of the Ball" is crowned at the Testicle Festival, and we're guessing they get to munch on all the bull testicles they can swaller. Mmmm, bull testicles. What's the over/under for Shaune for bull testicle munching? Anyone? Someone tell Richard Justice to call the Astros first baseman for some inside info. [SeattlePostIntelligencer]

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Kimberly said...

and, to think... she's my age!
sorta. she doesn't say she is.. but is...