Monday, March 21, 2005

Home again

Near Beaufort, S.C., home of Smokin' Joe Frazier. Posted by Hello
Back from a road trip through The South.

Some highlights:

In South Carolina, a waitress wore the name tag "Miss Betty." That was my mother's name, I said, adding, "In fact, we called her Miss Betty." She asked if she spelled it with a y or an ie. A y. This prompted the woman to decry the lack of Biblical names that are imparted to today's offspring. She rattled off a list of names that are popular among today's African American mothers and fathers, and then rolled her eyes and shook her head, saying these names gave these children "bad luck." I feel sorry for them, she said. "They got no luck." And the hospitals where these children are born don't know how to spell these new names either, she said. They have to ask the parents.

In Mississippi, a state trooper roared up to my bumper on Interstate 10, which I was traveling 72 mph on. At first, I thought, Geez, he's pulling me over for going 2 mph over the speed limit? I was in the fast lane and thought momentarily about pulling over, til I noticed in my rear view mirror that he was waving me to move over to the right. He appeared to be quite irritated as he waved back and forth with his right arm for me to move over to the slower lane. So that's what I did, and he roared away at about a 90 mph clip. All he had to do was drive around me. There wasn't any traffic. Jerk.

(I'll be posting more road trip photos on Banjo Pics.)


Gritsforbreakfast said...

Welcome back. You've been greatly missed: I haven't read a single blog post about anything tattooed across anybody's tits the whole time you've been gone! We needed you for the steroid hearings, too, I'd think. ;-)

Banjo Jones said...


Kevin said...

It IS darn good to see you back!