Friday, February 25, 2005

Unplugged he may be, but Bobby Eberle still considered Brazoria County Citizen of the Year contender

Bobby Eberle
To get the world's attention from around here, you normally have to videotape county jail prisoners crawling naked on the floor, or rig a high school cheerleader competition.

That worked pretty good in the past for making the world aware of our little wide spot in the road -- Brazoria County, Texas.

But Bobby Eberle did it his way, all from the convenience of his home computer on Sunday House Drive in Pearland, Texas.

From there he created, which begat Talon News, which begat "Jeff Gannon," who apparently begat (if gay "escort" websites can be begatted, that is.)

It's a daisy chain the likes Brazoria County hasn't seen in years. reaches 500,000 subscribers every weekday, they say.

Bobby is a book-smart guy -- PhD. from Rice and undergraduate degree from Texas A&M -- and he's married to a neurologist for heaven's sake, so you have to respect his judgment in deciding to unplug his phone yesterday.

He's too busy to talk to telemarketers, bloggers, professional reporters and such.
He's got other fish to fry. A LOT bigger fish, I'd say. Try JAWS.

Talon News, his conservative online news organization, is now offline while it sorts out why in the Sam Hill they had "Jeff Gannon" (real name: Jeff Guckert) acting as its softball-lobbing Washington, D.C. bureau chief, and, we guess, how it signed up someone who has naked pictures of himself on

And those Congressional Democrats, who won't tend to their own rat-killin', are talking about investigating the Gannon/Guckert/Talon News/GOPUSA/ affair. Talk about some good C-SPAN TV.

There will be much more to come, which is why Bobby is now considered a front-runner for Brazoria County Citizen of the Year.

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