Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Oklahomans are really, really bored

Cockfighting was banned in Oklahoma two years ago, delivering a supposed $100 million punch to the Sooner State's economy, which has prompted a state legislator to come up with a modest proposal -- put little tiny boxing gloves on the roosters and let 'em flail away. (I'm not making this up)[Reuters via Yahoo!]
I went to a cockfight once in The Phillipines. It was in a circular arena with bleachers full of Filipinos yelling and holding up fistfuls of money. I went "backstage" and got to view the "doctors" who were sewing up gashes in the wounded roosters' breasts. The roosters who didn't make it were piling up in a large garbage can. It was very weird. [Sabong Game Fowl Magazine]

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