Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Luby's in Lake Jackson bans smoking

Luby's in Lake Jackson is getting rid of its smoking section beginning Monday. While Houston struggles with whether to enact a law banning smoking in restaurants a la Austin, New York City & the State of California, this development in a popular eatery in LJ makes us wonder if letting the individual restauratuer decide whether to ban smoking is a better way to resolve the issue.

I asked a couple employees what the reaction among the customers was to the impending ban. The cashier said no one's complained. And the guy supervising tea & water refills in the dining area said the smoking section of the cafeteria was never full, although he mentioned three regular customers who sit in the back smoking area. This fellow added, however, "When my mother hears about this, she'll probably be outside picketing."


JT said...

Austin, New York City, California... and who could forget about Alvin?

Banjo Jones said...

oh yeah, i forgot.