Monday, February 14, 2005

Lake Jackson looks toward the sun

Lake Jackson, the jewel of Brazosport, is putting the finishing touches on a new welcome sign at the city's northern city limits.
Here's the twist: they're using solar power to provide the juice for the lights.
The sign is located a full three miles before Lake Jackson proper starts (at the Kelly Hawes Overpass that spans FM 2004), so without existing electrical lines, they looked into solar power.
Of course, Brazosport, like Texas, loves its fossil fuels, so solar energy companies aren't so plentiful. They went all the way to Oregon to find one.
The cost of the sign is pretty pricey ($70K to $100K, we're told), but the good news is the funds were awarded to Lake Jackson from the Texas Department of Transportation for winning beautification competitions, with the stipulation the money had to be spent in TexDot right-of-way.  Posted by Hello
For pics of the magical solar panels, please go to our new photoblog.
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