Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Calvin Murphy's b-ball camp: lotsa openings!

The public relations rehab campaign of acquitted child molester Calvin Murphy hit Sportsradio610 this morning, where the NBA Hall of Famer talked about how difficult the 11-month ordeal of the state's prosecution was on him, his friends, his fans, his hometown of Norwalk, Conn., his college alma mater and his adopted hometown of Houston.
Unless I missed, and I didn't hear the whole interview, don't think he mentioned his 5 children who testified against him.
Sports yakker John Granatto treaded lightly and superficially. Not even one question like,"Yo, Calvin, what's with the 14 kids by 9 different ladies? Haven't you ever heard of birth control, my brothah?"
Calvin plugged his kids basketball camp before departing. Yeah, guess business is kinda down these days.

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