Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wonkette Links to B'port News, flubs intro

Traffic on The Brazosport News site meter was going a little nuts yesterday, and on into the night and early morning. Hmm, somebody I don't know musta linked to us; Must be a popular blogger, I deduced.

So this morning, as I do every few days, I checked in on Wonkette, pictured above, the Washington, D.C.-based Queen of the Blogosphere, who actually is paid real American money for her prose.

Jeez, it was her, or one of her flunkies, linking to the third and last post of our exclusive TV blogging of last week's inauguration fiesta.

Trouble is, they introduced the item as our blogging on George P. Bush. It was Pierce Bush.

George P. is the Spanish-speaking son of Fla. Guv. Jebediah.

Pierce Bush is, well, I'm not sure who he belongs to, but he's the president's nephew and the former president's grandson, and he made quite an impression on Larry King & Friends, as I reported last week.

The Bushes, they're everywhere. Hard to keep them all sorted and filed. It happens in the blogging biz.

But, hell, as long as they spell your name right, right?

Thanks, Wonkette, or Wonkette flunky.

pierce bush, pictured on far right, with george h.w. bush, left, and marvin bush, being interviewed on cnn.

Wonkette Responds

The Queen of the Blogosphere responded in rapid fashion. And I didn't even email her yet!

The subject field of her email said: "There Are No Wonkette Flunkies."

Madam, I stand corrected.

Her missive, straight, to the point, and brutally honest, as is her style, stated:

"thanks for the correx. it was late. i was drunk."



Laurence said...

Thank goodness you didn't pick Wonkette for DP, eh.

Banjo Jones said...

She's much too young, vigorous and ravenous for life to be a good Dead Pool selection. Now, if she was a blogger/rapper, maybe. Wait, she has the tats, maybe does do some rhymin'.