Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Carson carrion for the hyenas now

The coast is clear. Johnny's dead. People may feel free to talk. Doc's talking about the death threats on "ET." ("Watch ET for more on Johnny -- and the dark side of his fame!") Joan Rivers, in the bag on "Larry King Live" Sunday night, is promoting appearances on four different TV shows where apparently she repeats the same quote four times. (FYI: she's still heartbroken over that nasty tiff w/ JC way back when.) Steve Martin writes an open letter in the NYT: "If I could wake you up for a minute, I would ask..." Even Carmen Electra -- Carmen Electra! -- is telling "ET," and we quote: "I barely remember watching the show ... I was born in '72 ... It's really sad ... I'm heartbroken even though I don't remember the show that much ... Gosh, it's sad ... It's just sad." Tom Snyder is getting pissed. Letterman weighs in Monday night. And look for the Enquirer, Star, People, et al to dig in. Mmmm, tasty.
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