Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Industrialized redlight district

Freeport is trying to figure out how to regulate strip clubs. Not that they really want any. And not that they have any now. In fact, there aren't any in the entire County of Brazoria, so far as we know.

For sure, Freeport, an economically anemic town that once was the hub of Brazosport, could use the liquor tax revenue that an influx of titty bars would bring, but the situation isn't that desperate, not with plans to build a huge marina in the harbor currently on the drawing boards.

Still, they've got to take certain measures to comply with certain laws if they don't want to get sued by some gentleman's club attorney.

So the Freeport City Council may set up a so-called redlight district, where gentlemen's clubs could legally conduct business.

They're looking at a stretch of Texas Highway 332, over by Dow Chemical Co.

Michael Wright of The Facts newspaper explained the situation:

Mayor Jim Barnett said that doesn’t mean the city will welcome strip clubs with open arms.

It’s a relatively safe area as the major property owner is Dow,” Barnett said. “They’re not going to sell property to some sleazeball that wants to open up a strip club.”

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