Friday, January 14, 2005

The Astros post-Beltran writer John Sickels projects that Astros outfielder Jason Lane could hit for a .270 to .290 average, have a decent on-base plus slugging percentage and slug for close to .500 if he's the everyday centerfielder.

He's a fine player, and while he is not Beltran, the Astros could do a lot worse than give Lane a full-time job.

Talk persists, though, the Astros may sign aging journeyman outfielder Jeremy Burnitz, a Conroe native, who hit for pretty good power in the thin Colorado air last year. I'd like to see Lane given a chance, then check the progress of minor league speedster Willy Taveras at the All-Star break. As Jesse Jackson says, "Keep hope alive."


8ZERO8 said...

Burnitz's numbers were seriously inflated by playing at Coors Field. He was terrible when he wasn't a mile high. Ilike Lane, too. He'll be fine. Why isn't there any talk about signing Ordonez? Burkman, Lane and Ordonez would be a solid outfield.

Banjo Jones said...

Ordonez suffered a fairly serious injury last year. I can't remember exactly what it was at the moment, but I think that's the major concern. That and, no doubt, the hefty price he and agent Boras wants.