Saturday, December 11, 2004

Rumor Patrol: Will Enviro Bill Put Brazosport ISD Up the Creek?

You know how rumors go.
They spread quickly unless those in the know put them to rest, and even then sometimes they won't die.

That's why it's important for the Brazosport Independent School District to level with its taxpayers and tell them whether there's an asbestos time bomb about to go off.

The rumor goes like this: the district is building new schools in Lake Jackson, Clute and Freeport.

But the district didn't count on an expensive environmental clean-up bill for Lake Jackson Intermediate, which is being replaced with a big new school next door to the old crummy (and purportedly moldy) intermediate campus on Oyster Creek Drive. The word around B'port's Boggle tables, coffee klatches and on the street is the clean-up will lead to a tax rate increase.

If true, BISD should put it on the table now. If not, say it ain't so. But that's what the talk is.

We don't know either way. We're just asking.

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