Saturday, December 25, 2004

Once in a lifetime, a white Christmas in Brazosport

The clock struck midnight about 10 minutes ago, and it's still snowing, so this officially is a white Christmas here on the petrochemical coast.

To be as precise as possible, since this is history, I just stuck a ruler in the front yard and measured exactly 4 inches of snow.

The last time that happened around here was 1989, but it wasn't on Christmas, it was on Dec. 23, or maybe it was Dec. 22, according to old timers round these parts.

All night, people just walked up and down the street, kind of in a daze, looking at the spectacle. All were jolly. Kids shrieking, throwing snowballs, making snow angels in the middle of the street. It should snow more often. Even those of use who pledged allegiance to Festivus were transported to that place Bing Crosby once sang about.

UPDATE! 7.5 inches of snow @7:30 a.m.

UPDATE II:Snowperson humor: a sign on one rather sad-looking snow-woman on Huckleberry St. in Lake Jackson said: "Don't laugh. She's a "The Swan" finalist."
Kids & adults broke out their boogie boards to sled down the grassy median incline on the Kelly Hawes Overpass (FM 2002 & Hwy 288).
Still plenty of snow on the ground shortly before 5 p.m. Saturday.
PICTURE: Snowy Surfside Beach, via

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