Thursday, December 23, 2004

Moises headed to Golden State; says he's gotta see a man about a horse

Moises Alou will be taking his urine-hardened callouses to San Francisco, where open-minded baseball fans' affinity for holistic health methods comport nicely with the slugger's training regimen.

Alou, whose dad is manager of the Giants, signed a 2-year $13 million contract with the Giants, reports

Alou said last summer he soaked his hands in his own urine to harden the callouses on his hands. He's one of only three Major Leaguers who don't wear batting gloves. NY Yankee catcher Jorge Posada also subscribes to the foul-smelling hands-soaking technique, even though experts say the notion that urine hardens the skin is not only wrong-headed but kinda creepy.

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