Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Houston: not your daddy's town

Houston was country before country was cool. Now, country's cool, but Houston's no longer country.

It's still got the world's largest rodeo. And there are a lotta pick 'em ups on the highways. And anyone remotely resembling a foreign dignitary still gets a Stetson planted on their head.

But maybe a sombrero would be more appropriate.

If Houston radio ratings are any indication, a lotta rednecks have moved to Dubuque.

The highest rated country radio station in H-town is ranked NINTH (KILT-FM).

Ranked No. 1: KLTN-FM, which plays regional Mexican music.

All the rankings via "Radio & Records.

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Anonymous said...

Are you smoking something? KILT-FM is 9th. KKBQ is 12th.