Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Bell Ringer

In a small town the bell ringer in the church quits. The sexton advertises for a replacement. The first guy who shows up has no arms.

"But ... but ..." the sexton says, "How can you? I mean ... with your handicap?"

"Just watch," says the no-armed man. They go up to the bell tower and he runs at the bell and BANG! he slams it with his face and the bell lets out a dull bong. Then he starts to do it again, and the sexton stops him.

"Not again," he says. "I can't watch. Tell me, do you really need the job this badly?" The man assures him that he does. So the sexton hires him.

Sunday comes and it's time to ring the bell to summon the faithful to church. A breeze is blowing. Just as the bell-ringer runs at the bell, the breeze blows it sideways, and he misses it and plunges to the ground, to his death. The sexton runs outside, where a crowd is gathering. A policeman arrives.

"Do you know this man?" he asks the sexton.

"No," he says, "but his face rings a bell."

(from Dr. Z @ SI.COM)

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