Friday, July 09, 2004

Anchorman: I Can't Help That I'm Hunky

The Houston Chronicle published a story today asking two local TV anchors their reaction to the new Will Ferrell movie that revolves around a conceited, empty-headed television news anchorman.

Predictably, they take issue with the stereotype perpetuated by, yes, the media.

"I am who I am, and I look how I look," said KHOU Channel 11 anchor Greg Hurst. "No one has any control over how they look. We just happen to be in the public eye and get more scrutiny about our looks."

That made me laugh because shortly after Hurst arrived in Houston from New York City, my wife was having her hair done at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Galleria one day when who was sitting in a nearby chair?

Yes, it was anchorman Greg Hurst.
And what was he having done?

Having highlights put in his hair!

True story.

Chronicle story

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