Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Passion of Dan Patrick

For a certain age demographic, Dan Patrick, no matter what he does, will always be the guy who painted his face blue to show support for the hometown Houston Oilers during his TV sports report back in the '70s Luv Ya Blue Days.
Now, it can be reported, he has decided to put on another hat, that of an anonymous Weblog Super Hero, The Midnight Writer. It appears on the brand new "Chronically Biased" blog, aimed at the Houston daily's purported left-wing bias. Sigh.


When the masked superhero launched his first blog (tying Janet Jackson's boobie to Iraqi POW abuse), it announced precisely @ 12:01 AM Saturday:
"This column is for those who like the night. The Midnight Writer likes the night. He gathers strength and wisdom from the quiet and stillness of the night. He sees with total clarity through the darkness discovering the truth where others are blind. You will never know the true identity of the Midnight Writer. However, trust that he is watching and observing a world seemingly lost in darkness. It is in the darkness that he sees the light. Watch for the Midnight Writer: `not gonna catch me now, not gonna catch the midnight writer.'”

The Greg Allman-inspired prose, however, appeared under Patrick's byline!


This confused and delighted me.

I played along, typing in a comment to the mysterious man's blog, asking if the Midnight Writer had ever painted his face blue, currently hosted a low-rated talk show on Houston radio, etc., etc.

Moments later, the Patrick byline vanished and was quickly replaced by a "staff byline."


The doctors are here now. Come on, pal. Here's your suitcase. Your toothbrush and night clothes are packed. Clean socks, clean underwear. Yes, your Bible's in there, too. The doctors, they look like very nice people. They're going to take you to a nice place that's real quiet. You can get some good rest there.
Yes, I think they'll let you listen to the radio. Sure. No, not just FM radio, AM radio, too, any kind of radio you want.
Your laptop? I don't know if they'll give you your computer. Maybe in a few weeks. We'll see. Come on, now. Here, put on your cap. Everything will be OK...

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