Tuesday, May 18, 2004

note to readers

Lots of new readers, foreign & domestic, to the blog, largely due to someone (OK, it was me) linking the "Deadwood" post on an HBO msg board.

Changes on right side sidebar of the page: added stories written about us way back when. See "History." This done when we noticed via our site meter referral page function some of you were searching out more info. Included is a story written by our founder for "Neiman Reports," the quarterly publication put out by the Neiman Foundation, the Harvard-affiliated "journalism think tank" (Oxymoron Alert!)...
The note about the author moving to Santa Barbara, CA, while intended to be true at the time, did not happen. It's a long story.

Also, under "Lost Archives," added old postings that were lost when the site was taken down, briefly, in July 2002, when caca hit fan. Some postings are still missing, though.

Have a swell day and feel free to post comments in the Guest Book on the right sidebar or at the bottom of this post, where it says "comments." You can do so anonymously.


Anonymous said...

Here's a writing tip: Humorous items should have something remotely resembling funny. Good luck next time.

Banjo Jones said...