Saturday, January 05, 2008

ExxonMobil emits thousands of lbs. of benzene and other nastiness to mark new year in East Harris County, TX

We probably have picked on emissions emitters in Brazoria County too much over the years, but that changes now, right here, in 2008, because as we cast our gaze north toward Harris County, we realize we are mere amateurs when it comes to assaulting the environment.

Take, for instance, ExxonMobil.

Here we are just 5 days into the year, and already the petrochemical behemoth's plants in Baytown has posted two major emissions events, which, of course, you'll read nothing about in the papers.

First we have the ExxonMobil Chemical Baytown Olefins plant, which reports a 24-hour incident in which it emitted 2,260 lbs. of benzene to one flare and 4,597 lbs. of benezene to another on Jan. 3 & 4.

That's a lotta benzene.

These emissions were "not specifically authorized" as they say in the environmental regulation business.

A whole lot of other stuff was involved in the emissions, from 1,3 Butadeiene to xylene (check HEREfor further details.)

ExxonMobil's 2nd boo-boo occurred at the company's nearby oil refinery, where another 24-hour emissions event emitted 3,010 lbs. of carbonyl sulfide and some other contaminants.

It has been suggested that carbonyl sulfide may have played a role in "the origin of life", so that's kind of a silver lining to this emissions event, but it's not really a "win-win" situation cause carbonyl sulfide is present in cooked cabbage, which we've never cared for in the least, and is a suspected neurotoxicant and skin or sense organ toxicant.

Happy New Year.


Liberty said...

The flare on Thursday was a beautiful thing, I spotted it all the way from Texas City at the Atwater Prarie Preserve about 25 miles away.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the perpetual glare of these belching petro plants...I wonder what the long term effects on my health are...
Benzene doesn't sound like a granola bar...