Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ron Paul votes against flag-burning amendment

The Gentleman Gynecologist from Brazosport, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) of the allegedly conservative 14th District, was one of only 12 Republicans to vote AGAINST an amendment that would prohibit burning the flag of the USA. (The amendment passed and now goes to the U.S. Senate.)

Maybe this'll get a rise outta Duh Facts, the local paper, which so far hasn't seen fit to say a darn thing about Paul's co-sponsorship of a House measure to force a timetable on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq (bad idea at this point), or his bill to legalize industrial hemp (good idea, I guess).

Now, personally speaking, I think you oughta be able to burn the flag if you want, so long as it's your flag and not someone else's. After all, it's a form of protected Free Speech, according to the United States Supreme Court, and we are a nation of laws, not men, right? That's what they say, anyway.

In addition, flag burning gives the TV people something to tape at various anarchist demonstrations, which, of course, is why people burn the flag in the first place. It's an attention-getter, alright.

I don't anticipate burning the flag anytime soon, and I've never done it before. In fact, I have one on my house right now, and a couple stashed away in case we invade another country. My money's on Aruba, the DAMN DUTCH wankers.

But, I like the option of being able to burn the flag if the president or Congress or Joint Chiefs does something that really really chaps my ass. If I can burn the flag, maybe that's all I'll need to calm me down, and I won't do something else that is, shall we say, a bit more rash.

I'm a free speech guy all the way. The KKK? Let 'em march. They look like dorks in those get-ups! It's entertainment! New Black Panther Party? Do your thing, my brothers.

Let free speech reign in the Land of the Free.

If you disagree, particularly as it relates to burning the flag, I completely understand. It's an emotional issue, especially after we've invaded a country and are losing our countrymen to a bunch of raving jihadist rat bastards. But it's not a good idea to start passing constitutional amendments against symbolic acts such as flag burning. If we did that, we'd be like the Red Chinese, which decided to prohibit burning their flag after they took over.

Here's what the late comic Bill Hicks had to say about the flag-burning issue (which I cribbed from

I personally do not believe in burning the flag. It's a personal belief, but I'll tell you something, I think people are overreacting, oh, just a little bit. "Hey buddy, my daddy died for that flag." Well, I bought mine. Sorry. You know they sell them at K-Mart for three bucks, you're in, you're out, brand new flag, no violence was necessary. "Hey buddy, my daddy died in the Korean war for that flag." What a coincidence - my flag was made in Korea!



Anonymous said...

Anytime someone tells me texans are backassward, I say Bill Hicks and walk away.

Anonymous said...

"I like the option of being able to burn the flag if the president or Congress or Joint Chiefs does something that really really chaps my ass"

I agree. I don't foresee myself burning a flag anytime soon, but the right of dissent in this coutnry is getting more and more restrictred everyday.