Thursday, June 23, 2005

Attention, educators...

The Brazosport Independent School District has built the plushest, most over-the-top intermediate school West of the Mississippi. Banjo says check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Yeah Banjo, but how can we complain, after all:

"Itz fer thuh kidz..."

(That's kidz spelt "Kontracktors" )

Just like the new $13 million sports stadium our Dickinson ISD will soon be building, even though just last year they told us, "We are going broke, we are in such dire straits, we are having such a hard time, we don't have enough money ... " and blah blah blah.

How we went from " broke we can't give our teachers any supplies..." to " $13 million Sports Stadium " is one of those miracles of public education. What a school system! We should retrain all our local business people in DISD Home Ec classes!

Anyway, here's a couple of questions for you. DISD is building a new 1,400 student junior high for $31,000,000 --- an amount which not very long ago would have equaled the entire yearly operating budget of the school district.

1) How much did THAT thing in the picture cost, and 2) how many of the over one thousand Texas school districts have a budget that big?

If you know the answer to the first, I know where to find the answer to the second!