Monday, May 02, 2005

Houston Chronicle circulation falls 3.9%

Goin' down, down to Chinatown: newspaper circulation sliding inexorably.

It was a rough day in the daily newspaper trade. Here are the circulation numbers for the country's 20 largest dailies for the six months ended March 31, as reported by the Audit Bureau of Circulations; The percentage changes are from the comparable year-ago period:

1. USA Today, 2,281,831, up 0.05 percent
2. The Wall Street Journal, 2,070,498, down 0.8 percent
3. The New York Times, 1,136,433, up 0.24 percent
4. Los Angeles Times, 907,997, down 6.5 percent (a)
5. The Washington Post, 751,871, down 2.7 percent
6. New York Daily News, 735,536, down 1.5 percent
7. New York Post, 678,086, up 0.01 percent
8. Chicago Tribune, 573,744, down 6.6 percent
9. Houston Chronicle, 527,744, down 3.9 percent (a)
10. San Francisco Chronicle, 468,739, down 6.1 percent (a)
11. The Arizona Republic, 452,016, down 3.2 percent (a)
12. The Boston Globe, 434,330, down 3.9 percent
13. The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., 394,767, down 1.6 percent
14. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 391,373, down 2.4 percent
15. Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul, 378,316, up 0.33 percent (a)
16. The Philadelphia Inquirer, 364,974, down 3.0 percent (a)
17. The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, 348,416, down 5.2 percent (a)
18. Detroit Free Press, 347,447, down 2.0 percent
19. St. Petersburg Times (Florida), 337,515, down 3.2 percent (a)
20. The Oregonian, Portland, 335,980, down 1.8 percent


Four newspapers were not allowed to include their circulation figures in the report released Monday as a penalty for misstating circulation figures in the past: Newsday of New York's Long Island; the Dallas Morning News; the Chicago Sun-Times and Hoy, a Spanish-language newspaper in New York. The first three papers were among the top 20 in the comparable reporting period a year ago.

(a) Includes Saturday circulation.


thc said...

Gee, why would their circulations be down when their quality remains so good?

Anonymous said...

The Chron was also in the top five nationally for bunk circulation. Something like one out of eight of their papers is a freebie. Plus they printed a picture of Dylan and said it was from the Rolling Thunder Review, when actually it was taken several years earlier at the Isle of Wright. If they don't know a white suit from a leather jacket, what else don't the know?

H. Brute
Sharpstown, TX

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you let a bunch of "bloggers" call themselves "journalists".

Anonymous said...

Well...San Francisco/New York's Hearst & its Houston Chronicle writers obviusly don't like Texas and don't like America. Why SHOULD we like the Chronicle?
Bill Bruce