Wednesday, May 12, 2010

quote/unquote ...

"I heard that in the North my nickname is Acorn Head. I know some people call me the North Korean Wayne Rooney, which I like. But I don't know about this Acorn Head."
--- Chong Dae Se, North Korean soccer player for his country's World Cup entry

"This means our society has come to an extremely dangerous edge. Our government must wake up. It is not enough to take temporary measures like upgrading equipment or arranging police patrols around schools. If we only pay attention to these shallow causes, we will not solve the original problem and this kind of thing will happen again."
--- a poster on the Baidu Tieba online discussion board in China, about the murder of seven children and two adults, one of a string of incidents where small children are attacked with knives and cleavers in China

"A Conservative government is an organized hypocrisy."
--- Benjamin Disraeli (1845)

"It looks like a kind of cross between a bulldog and a Chihuahua. They have created a mongrel breed, and like all mongrel breeds I think it will have a great deal of hybrid vigour and strength." ---- Boris Johnson, conservative mayor of London, about the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition formed after the British elections

(Editor's note: quote/unquote is compiled in St. Louis by Wilson, who coaches youth soccer.)

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