Monday, March 29, 2010

We commend Channel 11 in Houston

The media, as we know it, is in transition, but that's not to say that traditional media still can't deliver the bacon, so we'd like to point out that KHOU-TV, Channel 11 on your TV dial, has been recognized with an important investigative award.

Channel 11 was recognized for ferreting out some nastiness in the Texas National Guard.

Here's what the judges for the Investigative Reporters & Editors' contest said about it all:

No system can be more impenetrable for a team of reporters than the military "old boys" network, but that's exactly what reporter Mark Greenblatt and producers David Raziq and Chris Henao took on when they followed up on a tip to check out the "Vagisil Award" being given to women in the Texas National Guard. From that one tip, the team – which also included photographer/editor Keith Tomshe and graphic artist Robyn Hughes – found a system of misogynistic actions that went beyond humiliation. In some cases, female officers were being disciplined or even discharged despite exemplary service records. Data and documents gathered by the team showed a systematic refusal to consider women for top posts, and swift punishment for any who complained about the male power structure. In the end, this two-year investigation resulted in the Texas governor firing three top generals in the Texas National Guard and the state legislature changing the way it oversees Texas Guard operations.

We salute you Channel 11.

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