Friday, January 22, 2010

In Austin, pollination so thick it looks like smoke!


Warm and windy weather across Central Texas is causing the first widespread, heavy pollination of Mountain Cedar trees in our area this season. The flying pollen is so thick in wooded areas of western Travis County it looks like smoke.

Counts from two area allergy clinics today were both in the very high category, with 3, 720 grains per cubic meter of air measured at Austin Allergy Associates in north Austin, and 4,271 grains at Allergy and Asthma Associates, off Far West Boulevard. The Allergy/Asthma/Immunology Clinic of Georgetown is reporting a remarkable number Monday: 18,830 grains, which is off the charts.

Those with allergies in Central Texas are likely suffering Monday and may not see relief for several days to come as more warm, breezy weather is in the forecast much of this week.

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