Monday, December 21, 2009

Why we call it The Petrochemical Underarm

Some weeks ago we read a quote from Our Man in Austin, State Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is doing a "good job. "

We wish he'd read this story by Chris Vogel in The Houston Press, which essentially shows how completely inadequate the petrochemical industry in Texas is regulated by the state.

Particular interesting were the comments Vogel obtained from a former member of the 3-person TCEQ board.

As regular readers of The Brazosport News might already know, we've been writing about a lot of this stuff on a piecemeal basis for years (but no much lately because, well, I don't think most people care and it got kind of boring and it was cutting into my "quiet time"), so it was good to see Vogel do a Big Picture story.

So go read the story (and if this includes Rep. Bonnen, please, sir, kindly email a comment to his post, 'cause we'd like to know what you think.)

That is all.

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