Wednesday, December 30, 2009

quote/unquote ...

"I have no idea what his thinking is. Something happens when you become president. They give you the plane, they give you the helicopter, everywhere you go they play 'Hail to the Chief.' You get your ass kissed 24 hours a day. You think that America can do anything."
-- Bill Maher, in Newsweek, Dec. 28th on Obama's decision on Afghanistan

"He was born in a poor home in a far-off village, and he reached the summit of power and fortune where blacks were not allowed. Off the field he never gave a minute of his time and a coin never fell from his pocket. But those of us who were lucky enough to see him play received alms of an extraordinary beauty: moments so worthy of immortality that they make us believe immortality exists."
--- Eduardo Galeano in "Football (i.e. soccer) in Sun and Shadow" about Pele

"When you see a situation you do not understand, look for the financial interest."
---- Tom L. Johnson

"What is it that renders it possible for people to make laws? The same thing makes it possible to establish laws as enforce obedience to them -- organized violence."
--- Leo Tolstoy

(editor's note: quote/unquote is typed in St. Louis by Wilson.)

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