Monday, November 23, 2009

CONFIRMED! Parking scam across the street from Cowboys Stadium!!

A reader confirms our report on Oct. 27 that revealed a shocking scheme to trap budget-conscious motorists who attempt to avoid the overpriced parking fees at the fancy new Cowboys Stadium.

In the Oct. 27 post, we revealed that motorists had to fork over $300 to get their vehicles out of hock after parking at the new Wal-Mart across the street from the new football stadium in Arlington -- despite the fact there is no obvious signage warning citizens the lot is off-limits to patrons of Cowboys Stadium.

Today, we received the following e-mail:

Yep, just happened to me last weekend as well. Signs are on arlington streets and not in walmart parking lot. Towed and cost us 244.10. they even towed a shopper that wasn't attending the high school football game.

I asked walmart and they said they don't have anything to do with the towing, its the police department..yes the one that is hidden in the far right corner at the end of the lot. and yes the one that is paid by taxpayers...him, save the real crime of texas..illegal parking.

worst part is that they towed you to a building that a 2X2 shoebox for taking care of business, with no bathroom, no waiting room, number ticket system...and left us to stand in the rain for two hours while the service person took their sweet time taking money. Why would she care... its not her children out in the rain.

I am so over the cowboy stadium at this point, and will not support them in the future as its about the quality of arlington.


If I was an ambitious young person in the Arlington area who wanted desperately to do something noble in order to get attention to further my selfish political ambitions, I'd be all over this outrage like stink on shit (excuse my language.)

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