Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One way to lobby your congressperson

We've been reading and watching this talk about "The Mob," which we understand is used in reference to the people showing up at public meetings called by Congress members.

These citizens, or at least those who wind up on TV, apparently are not only outspoken but a bit unruly.

The allegation is these citizens are being "put up" to do this by opponents of the president.

We at The Brazosport News support the rights of all American citizens to be unruly, if they so choose and it's within the bounds of the law, but if possible, it's a good idea to observe a bit of decorum, at least enough so that everyone can hear what the hell is being said from the podium.

Which brings us to the point of this post ...

The other day we came into possession of a set of instructions from "Organizing For America, a project of the Democratic National Commttee," which is located at 430 South Capitol St. SE in Washington, DC, 2003.

(fyi: I'm not a Democrat, I'm in independent)

The instructions are entitled "Office Visits for Health Reform. Guide."

They advise that "before your visit" to "call ahead. Some offices may change their office hours with short notice ..."

(Editor's note: the italicized words that follow are my thoughts and my thoughts alone and do not reflect any one else's thoughts, especially Organizing For America or the Democratic National Committee, so far as I know.)

(It's always good to call ahead, in our view. While it seems a simple notion, keep this in mind for any number of other chores in your daily life. It not only can save you a wasted trip but also help protect the environment and cut down on your stress/aggravation levels. Think about it. A wasted hour of driving, etc. is an hour you could spend napping or watching TV.)

Organizing For American then asks that you print out an attached flyer that sets out the president's "8 Health Insurance Guarantees that every citizen can count on ..."

Then it asks that you write out a "short personal message" to your congressperson about "why it's so important to you to pass health insurance reform in 2009, such as a personal story about your experience with the health care system. This will ensure a written record of your visit and your message and make your trip even more effctive."

"During Your Visit," the instructions advise you to:

"Introduce yourself (always important if you don't know someone, plus it's just plain simple courtesy; this applies whether you're lobbying your congressperson or trying a find the best deal on aluminum siding)

...Share your story...Ask for their support...Stay calm and positive (this is apparently a shot at the alleged rabblerousing mobsters who are on the TV news, we think, but we also firmly believe there should be more courtesy in the land.)...

... While some are attempting to disrupt and shut down debate, our goal is to engage in meaningful respectful discussion. Remaining calm, positive and polite while speaking to any staff member is the best way to be heard. Thank them for their time and hard work!" (again with the courtesy, but it's really sound advice in all of your endeavors, even if you are not inclined toward courtesy.)

Organizing For America asks you then to "share the details of your visit. It's really important for our campaign to hear how these conversations go and how the staff respond. To tell us how it went, please go to: my.BarackObama.com/OfficeFeedback .

So that's what's going on. If any of you out there care to share your experience of visiting your local congressperson (you'll probably wind up talking to staff member, we bet) please shoot us an email (Banjo.Jones@gmail.com) or post a comment on this post.

Go out and make it a great day! We love everybody.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that, Banjo. They should consider themselves lucky that the crowd doesn't beat them to death with anything handy.

What a bunch of assholes we didn't bother to vote against in adequate numbers.



Violence? That's the province of savages, jd.

Anonymous said...

It's a strange and wicked Fear roiling within the White community, Jonesey. Tell it like it is, lad. Obvious to me.
He who is not writ into the Book of Life shall be cast into the Lake of Fire. Time to pay for old debts.

JD Allen said...

Ah, yes. Fear. That is what I feel when I see some pencil-neck dipshit $3,000 suit-wearing congressperson giving me the evil eye and breaking bad upon the dais, pointing his finger and talking out his ass.

I dunno, though. Could be just constipation...I know I'd feel much better if I knocked the shit out of him.


Anonymous said...

Wilson, you are some sick puppy. But, hey, life ended after The Post died.


who's Wilson?