Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In liberal Austin, the natives are gettin' testy

The Austin American Statesman gave five paragraphs of coverage to the Doggett shoutdown. Here are the last three:

Witnesses said that when Doggett was asked whether he would support the plan even if he found that his constituents opposed it, Doggett said he would. People then began chanting "just say no" and overwhelmed the congressman as he moved through the crowd and into the parking lot.

"The folks there thought their voices weren't being heard," said Kathy Acosta, a Bastrop resident who attended the meeting at Randalls and another one later that day in her hometown. "They were angry, but they were respectful. There wasn't any violence."

Calls and e-mails to Doggett's office were not returned Sunday.

It's not a good sign when the local congressman (or his flak) won't return a phone call from the local paper.

Fear, anger, confusion and frustration are a'buildin' up out there, ladies & gentlemen.


Jerry House said...

Ringers shipped by the Republican local and state committees to disrupt meetings and give the impression of strong grass roots opposition to the Health Care plan.
This "astroturf roots" campaign is popping up all over the country where Democratic Reps and Senators have public meetings. Not as despicable as the current fear campaign Kill Your Grannies, but close.

Banjo Jones said...

How do you know?

Anonymous said...

It's "Flack," sonny boy. Flak is something else altogther. And I agree these protesters are insipid infidels.

ithinkthereforeiam said...

All the outrage is cause there are weapons of mass destruction hidden in Obama's health care plan. The really smart people know that, and are trying to protect the ignorant ones. It will all be 'splained when the Repubs win back Congress and the White House.