Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Big D football culture vs. Houston football culture

A while back Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones compared his National Football League team with the team in Houston, which I suppose included his assessment of the football culture in Big D as opposed to that in H-Town.

They're different, he said.

As I recall, Jones said pro football in Dallas was all about glitz and glamour while the game in Houston is all about cowboy hats and cowboy boots.

In other words, we're the hayseed shitkickers and they're high-class people in Italian shoes.

Anyway, word came today that you'll have the privilege of buying a pizza for $90 if you're in a luxury suite at the new Cowboy Stadium. And you can get a 12-pack of American beer for $66,

So enjoy that pizza and beer Cowboy fans.

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Chris said...

To paraphrase the great bard Johnny Paycheck "take your football team and shove it".