Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sheila won't give up on JackO honor

Sheila Jackson Lee is not going to stop her effort to honor entertainer Michael Jackson with a Congressional resolution.

The congresswoman from Houston even compared the effort, which may take years to accomplish, with the long battle to honor murdered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. with a federal holiday.

She tells all this to Bennett Roth, a former Houston Chronicle reporter now writing for Congressional Quarterly.

In Roth's story, Lee agrees with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to shelf the JackO resolution, then goes on the blame JackO resolution opponents who would "make hay" over it (ie., Republicans.)

Of course, Lee's motives in presenting the resolution wouldn't have a smidge of political motivation attached to it, would it?

Maybe her fortitude in pressing on with the JackO resolution will be well-received in her 18th Congressional District, but in an ongoing poll hosted by the Houston Chronicle's Texas on the Potomoc blog, 88 percent of the respondents say they're opposed to it.

Maybe Lee miscalculated.


Anonymous said...

I don't think so, Banjo. The communications to congress and polls were about 85% against the multi-trillion dollar bailout bill, and they managed to ignore that successfully.

They pay absolutely no attention to what their constituents want, as long as it is more than three months from election day. They know how frikkin' stupid we are.

Besides, someone like SJL - whose prime qualification, indeed, her only real qualification, for her office is her skin color, why would she care what anyone not in her gerrymandered district thinks?


Banjo Jones said...

I think you understate her qualifications, saying her only qualification is her skin color. She went to Yale and she's probably quite intelligent, but she's too politically ambitious and, from what I read, a terrible manager in the way she treats her staff, who, of course, are the people who really serve her constituents' problems.

What I don't care for is her camera-hogging ways, which have become a joke, not only in Texas but nationwide.

If she was just more serious-minded and paid less attention to "publicity" she'd be held in much higher esteem.

But you're probably right. A majority of the voters in her district probably like the MJ resolution.

Ah well.

Anonymous said...

She went to Yale, all right, but she's ignorant as a stump. She is the one who got her wires crossed and thought that we landed on Mars. And she is from Space City? Kiss my ass. She's a dumbass.

Which seems to be a really, really good idea, if you want to get elected to anything.


PS - I must need to increase my meds. The last two times I have been in here the damn code words are making half-sense again. "cackele" - is that relative to SJL, or what?