Friday, July 17, 2009

Ron Paul say he'll have 2 opponents

Congressman Ron Paul of our Fightin' 14th District says he'll have two primary opponents come re-election time. He doesn't say who they are and we doubt he'll name them when he announces his candidacy on Aug. 15 in Galveston.

Among his special guests at the Galveston campaign launch: Judge Andrew Napolitano, the resident jurist on Fox News who has the lowest hairline in cable TV. Other special guests: former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., Dr. Tom Woods, author of the bestselling Meltdown, and Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Mises Institute.

With any luck, Dr. Paul's press secretary will be there with her camcorder and some fresh comedy skits.

We think it's not an overstatement to say that Dr. Paul's star has risen since his unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Two, three years ago, he was widely considered a nut by many people.


Two-thirds of the U.S. House have signed on to his bill to audit the Federal Reserve -- no small feat. [Click HERE to listen to an interview Dr. Paul did with The Economist, whose correspondent says the bill to authorize an audit of The Fed is "dangerous."]

Plus, he's got a whole lot of money in his campaign treasure chest and appeared, unwittingly, in the "Bruno" movie (haven't seen it yet.)

What else is he up to? He and three other congressmen have a bill to end federal penalties for the personal use of marijana; the states can keep their own pot laws.

Finally, if you really want to know what's on Dr. Paul's mind, you should seriously consider reading this speech have gave on the House floor regarding "the end of dollar hegemony." (You can watch a video of the speech at the same link if you don't feel like reading.)

No doubt, whoever is going to run against him in the Republican primary will bring up some of this stuff to tell 14th District voters the incumbent is a loose cannon.

That hasn't worked before.

And today? In the era of federal bailouts for corporate America, we kinda think voters like the idea of having a hell raiser in Congress.

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