Wednesday, July 29, 2009


These athletes. Sometimes you just want to shake 'em.

Here we have an All-Everthing Tight End from OU. He'll make millions in the NFL a year from now.

But he's also a crybaby.


Anonymous said...

BANJO, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN UT BASEBALL COACH GARRIDO WAS BUSTED FOR DUI....You didn't say a word. And you haven't said a damned thing about Roger Clemens and steroids. Say something...and then maybe your rants against Black athletes would be meaningful.

Banjo Jones said...

who the fuck are you? Garrido and Clemens weren't crybabies. but i have stated before, a long time ago, that i didn't like Clemens cause he threw at hitters. and that was way before the steroids crap came out. so you can kiss my dimpled ass.