Saturday, July 04, 2009

The 4th of July: God or the Chi-Lites?

We hope there wasn't an unnecessary amount of evangelizing mixed in with your Fourth of July celebreation today, unless that's your specific cup o' tea and you can't wait til the Christian sabbath, which is what we would prefer, personally speaking.

Can't say the same for Lake Jackson, where some citizens, well-meaning and God-fearing no doubt, take the occassion of our nation's independence to tell us about all our salvation.

Really, how 'bout just a quickie history lesson, to remind all of this day was about a revolution?

But, as the local Clute paper helpfully explained, there was another idea.

"In the spirit of thanksgiving and celebration, community members have united to sing the praises of the nation and the Lord on Independence Day. First Baptist Church of Clute, First Baptist Church of Lake Jackson, Grace Fellowship, the Brazosport Community Orchestra and others have joined in a Community Choir."

Set up in the mall's parking lot, the musical revival took place before the annual local fireworks display, which also takes place near the shopping mall, so a captive audience was assured.

Frankly, we prefer a secular July 4th celebration, like they did in Houston, where the Chi-Lites (see photo above) performed. They're now in their 50th year of providing musical entertainment and they wore bright orange suits. (Thanks to Brazosport News reader Mike for shooting us the image via his Blackberry.)

No history lesson there, either, but at least we weren't reminded that a lot of us are going to burn in hell, allegedly.

Anyway, happy Fourth of July.

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