Friday, June 05, 2009

A Hollywood story about the late David Carradine, American journeyman actor

Before he was found hanged in a Bangkok hotel closet, the actor David Carradine caused a bit of stir out in La-La Land during a screening of one of his best-known movies, Bound For Glory.

This occurred this past spring, and it sheds no light on whether Carradine committed suicide or died from one those auto-erotic asphyxiation hanging rituals that sometimes go wrong, but I post the link here (via an LA Times story) for the simple reason that I found it interesting.

Two witnesses at the screening event, which was followed by an hour-long panel chat that was dominated by Carradine, came away from the spectacle with two different reactions.

One called it "a deeply uncomfortable immersion in unalloyed anxiety" and the other said it was "an exhilarating look past the usual curtain of Hollywood bullshit."

Rest in peace, Grasshopper.


Anonymous said...

Didja know that Haskell Wexler direct the "I'd like to teach the world to sinf" commercial for coke back in the cretaceous period?

Banjo Jones said...

I did not know that.

Anonymous said...

Carradine's people are trying to "wash" away the angle that he hanged himself while looking for a little sexual pleasure. The Moron was in Bangkok! Why play with yourself in a sin city like that? He did it, and nothing the family says will make me believe otherwise. Kung Fu was a pervert!

Banjo Jones said...

to the last commenter: one person's perversion is another person's celebration of his body.

also, Carradine was in Bangkok to film a movie.

Anonymous said...

carradine family is a mess. I agree with earlier commenter. He should not get a free pass on his perversions. He tied what to his balls and hanged himself?

Banjo Jones said...

all families are a mess in one way or another. when you point your finger at someone else, there's 3 or 4 other digits pointin at you. get it?